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Meditation Non-Pleated Cushions - Zafu

This is the classic, versatile meditation cushion. Also known as a Zafu, Meditation pillow, Zafu pillow, or Yoga pillow, our meditation cushions are created to help you meditate more comfortably. They are suitable for a wide range of meditation styles including, but not limited to Mindfulness meditation, Zen meditation (Zazen), Relaxation meditation, and Yoga meditation.

Product Specifications:

  • Size - 30X15 cm
  • Weight - 2.00 Kg (Buckwheat Hull)/ 0.900 Kg (Cotton Batting/ Kapok)
  • Outer Cover - Dyed Cotton Twill (Embroidery)
  • Inner Cover - Zippered Duck Canvas
  • Filling Options - Kapok/ Cotton Batting/ Buckwheat Hull