teeth blenching  teeth whiter  teeth cleaner  LED Teeth Whitening  Teeth Whitening  Teeth Whitening Kit.jpg
teeth blenching  teeth whiter  teeth cleaner  LED Teeth Whitening  Teeth Whitening  Teeth Whitening Kit.jpg
teeth blenching  teeth whiter  teeth cleaner  LED Teeth Whitening  Teeth Whitening  Teeth Whitening Kit.jpg
teeth blenching  teeth whiter  teeth cleaner  LED Teeth Whitening  Teeth Whitening  Teeth Whitening Kit.jpg

LED Teeth Whitening Kit

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A lot of people don’t like to hear this but the deterioration of our teeth over some time is something that will happen. Our teeth are one of the most active parts of the body, and there is no limit to what we use it to chew or grind on daily. Yes, you can practice good oral hygiene by brushing regularly, but this may not be enough. One moment you wake up and realize that your teeth aren’t as white as you would want it to be. So, what can you do about this? You don’t have to start putting together your life savings to get an expensive laser treatment. Our red and blue LED light teeth whitening kit is all you need.

What exactly is this red and blue LED light kit?

It is an effortless way of making your teeth shiny so that you can be proud to smile as wide as you can everywhere you go. The Glowhite red and blue LED light teeth whitening kit comes with an impressive dual light technology which acts on the teeth and removes all forms of stubborn stains smoothly. Here are the various components and what they do:


  • The mouthpiece is the part that helps it stay firmly in your mouth. No worries about the device falling off or making you feel uncomfortable. Simply slip it in and let it get to work for at least fifteen minutes.
  • The blue light is not just for making your mouth colorful. It reacts with teeth whitening gel which penetrates through the surface of your teeth and gets rid of any stains on it.
  • Red led light for eliminating bacteria and soothing gums, which lets you get more health and comfort in the process of whitening treatment.



Don’t just take our word for it, here is what experts have to say about Glowhite red and blue LED light teeth whitening kit. According to dental experts, a lot of other whitening techniques have terrible side effects. Let’s examine their conclusions on bleaching as a form of whitening treatment. This method actually does a lot more harm than good when used for a long time. It increases tooth sensitivity and dehydrates the tooth. By tooth sensitivity, what you have as a reward for your teeth whitening efforts is not a bright smile but a tooth that has you writhing in pains when you consume food that is hot or cold. That is goodbye to frozen yoghurt and coffee. Tragic, isn’t it? Bleaching exposes the pores of your enamel and directly affects the dentin which is responsible for transmitting sensation to the nerve.

But here is the good news. Instead of relying on bleaching your teeth which would cause intense damage when left for too long, you can use blue light which speeds up the chemical whitening process. Alongside gels that are gentle on your teeth, blue light gives you faster-cleaning action and a much better result for the short amount of time it will be used.


This is why Glowhite’s teeth whitening technology employs the use of blue light. Here is what makes it even better. The blue light works amazingly well, but our teeth whitening kit is a combination of both blue and red light: dual light technology. The red light is very effective in reducing inflammation of the gums and fixing damaged gums by regenerating the gum tissues.

Not convinced yet? Here are a few reasons why this is perfect for you:

  • Dual light technology means double action and more effectiveness. Imagine the work going on in your mouth while the blue light eliminates all forms of stains down to every corner of your mouth and the red-light fights bacteria to give you an overall healthy mouth. It works for every type of stain. So, there is no stain too stubborn for our dual light technology.
  • Looking for a perfect fit for your mouth? You have it. The Glowhite LED light teeth whitening kit doesn't need an elastic mouth tray like other kits which slips into your mouth usually most uncomfortable through the whitening process.
  • No experts needed; no guidance necessary. This is a simple do-it-yourself process. All you need is fifteen minutes a day, and you are ready to rock a healthier smile.
  • Have we already mentioned that it works very fast? You will begin to notice amazing results in just a few days.
  • It is 100% safe. There are no toxic materials present in this kit, and it has passed all safety standards. No worries about irritation too.

  • Our dual light wired, and unwired LED kit comes with impressive battery life. It requires no extra batteries but comes with a power bank which can be used for charging. Once it is fully charged, you can use it for as much as ten times before charging it up again.
  • The recommended time for use is sixteen minutes, and we have made timing very easy with this LED kit. It comes with a programmed timer which automatically turns the device off as soon as the fifteen minutes is over. So, pop it in and go on with your activities while the teeth whitening kit keeps working. Then, you remove it as soon as it is done. Easy!

Why 16 Minutes?

Studies have shown 16 minutes to be the optimal time for your at home teeth whitening routine. The detailed studies compared the whitening results of session times of 10, 16, and 30 minutes over the course of one week.

  • 10 minutes is not long enough.

    The 10 minute whitening sessions saw less effective results because the carbamide peroxide (whitening component) was not entirely decomposed, therefore not allowing sufficient time for full results.

  • 30 minutes is too long.

    While the carbamide peroxide (whitening component) was decomposed on the teeth after 30 minutes, a large amount of saliva is generated during the process, causing a diluted concentration which results in poor customer experience.

  • 16 minutes is just right.

    After 16 minutes of use, most of carbamide peroxide (whitening component) has been effectively used and properly decomposed.

So, what are you waiting for?