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Below The Belt Grooming For Men is dedicated to preparing and protecting all aspects of a man's body, below the belt. The product range is uniquely formulated for male skin to achieve gentle and effective results every day.

  • Use Fresh and Dry Balls as part of your daily grooming routine. It's just like an antiperspirant deodorant, only for below the belt. Apply to your balls each morning to keep you fresh, dry, and comfortable.                                          
  • This Fresh fragrance is a clean ocean breeze to provide you with long-lasting freshness. The specially formulated gel is easy to apply and rapidly absorbs to a silky fine layer, to keep your groin area dry for up to eight hours.

How to use

  • After showering, apply a penny-sized amount from the palm of your hand,  gently around your groin area. The moisturizing gel is rapidly absorbed, drying to a silky fine layer.

A blast of icy mint with a citrus edge leaves skin tingling & refreshed. Apply after showering to stay fresh and dry for up to eight hours.

  • Gentle formula. Dermatologically tested.
  • Absorbed quickly. Leaves a healthy dusting of talc-like powder.
  • Contains essential oils.
  • Keeps you fresh.
  • Size: 75ml.

Applied as a gel, Fresh & Dry Balls dries to a silky fine layer, leaving the groin area dry and comfortable for hours.