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Acupressure Mat(Lotus Shape Spike Disc):

product specification:
Spike Mat contains a total of 6,050 points designed to stimulate acupuncture points, muscles, and nerves. Each mat contains a 242 Lotus spike button and each button contains 25 spikes. Each mat is made of 100% cotton/ Linen and foam/coco core. No glue is used to make these.

Details Specification (Acupressure Mat):
Size of the Mat: 78x45 cm
The diameter of the button: 30 mm
Fabric: Dyed or Natural Cotton Duck Canvas/ Linen
No of spike points per button:25
Total No. of spike buttons: 242 per mat
Buttons Material: ABS Virgin Plastic
Color of the button: Milky white/ Black/ custom color
Inner filling- Foam 17 mm/ Coco fiber 20 mm

Customization Option:
Private Labeling: Possible
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