Jasmine Buds - Certified Organic

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Jasminum sambac

A study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong has also found that jasmine tea protects red blood cells from damage that was caused by free radicals.  It decreases the heart rate, resulting in a calming effect and lowering blood pressure and also has a sedative effect.   According to a recent study drinking Jasmine/green tea significantly relieves the symptoms of diatbets so making this a must drink tea.  Another study has found that jasmine tea has anti-cancer properties and has since been synthesized for use in drug form.  Jasmine tea also promotes a healthy gastrointestinal system and studies have shown tea drinkers usually have a much stronger immune system which can fight off infection.

Jasmine tea has specific compounds that are beneficial to you rjoints which reduce discomfort and aching.  I can increase your metabolism which means that you do bur calories faster and with excercise can help you lose weight.

Jasmine tea is not recommended for pregnant women, nor are any other teas that have a pretty strong scent.


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